Day 98 – A day to make a difference

Spent the day clearing rubbish from the beaches of Stormy Down and Ogmore today. A good humoured affair and the rain kept off until right till the very end. It would appear that the world is to be drowned in old shoe inserts, bottle tops and tampax applicators. Still; the beaches did seem cleaner and I think we all felt pretty good about that despite the rain. It’s a beautiful part of the world and deserves to be kept clean as much for the aesthetics as for the animal life it ruins.


Day 47 still on hold.

Here are some pictures of Jenny and Dave, Hannah and Beth. Oskar and Jasper.  These are just pictures. They are not part of the project. I’m not ready to start the project. I’m back in work next Thursday, so, with luck, the Project will start again. These were willing or unwilling subjects close at hand. I like them, but they don’t fit the vague 1 a day rules. Enjoy.untitled-293 untitled-297 untitled-298 untitled-299


Ethereal Landscapes by Darren Moore

Great images and really interesting technique

Life in Pictures


Self-taught photographer Darren Moore creates ethereal black and white landscapes using a method called daytime long exposure, where a special filters are attached to a camera lens to reduce the amount of light. These neutral density filters allow for the shutter to open for extended periods of time in broad daylight, from 30 seconds to upward of 15 minutes for a single exposure. Moore shoots mostly in locations around England, where he frequently visits causeways, breakwaters, shipwrecks, and other features along the shore. You can see more of Moore’s photography over on Flickr and in his online gallery.

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Day 15

Outside it’s a great day. It started with fog. Fog is always great to shoot, always good images with fog. Now, bright clear skies, alway good images with clear bright skies. Only one problem. I’m not outside. I’m in side and ill. Horrible night, up and down like the Assyrian Empire. All sweaty, cramps in the legs and lower back. And a malaise of the head and the muscles and erm  .. bottom.

So I’ve used some images taken in the last 2 days and run them through some filter. It’s all I can manage. I’m off to bed now. Still, I like them and hope you like them too. Kx

The Hydra 2 The Hydra 3 The Hydra 1