Day 41

Early train today, time for some shots before work. Cold but bright, great sun and shadows. I’m very pleased with the finished articles, worked in Lightroom 4 and Perfect Photo suite 8.¬†Enjoy


Early Morning Sun on building 2, April 2014Early Morning Sun on building, April 2014

Day 40

I pulled into Pyle station this morning for my commute to Cardiff and there was a police car and a wagon with a guy from the railway. The path in was blocked by yellow police tape. The guy said there had been an incident and the station wouldn’t be open until a team had arrived to clear up the mess. He didn’t use the word suicide, just that someone had gotten in the way of a train. Very sad. I texted my wife from a train I caught in Bridgend and took a picture of it. The umbrella, the wallet, the message. Seemed to sum up a feeling of disconnection I get sometimes. I felt a suitable offering.


Suicide at Pyle Station