Day 9. Family of Swans

Family of Swans
A family of swans at Pwll-Y-Waun

222. Complex


Day 9

Sorry for the delay. This was shot on day nine, but i was knackered and unable to post the image. I got some nice images yesterday with some sun (yes-it’s been a rarity in these jet stream jumble days), but the image I chose to manipulate was very much stuck in yesterdays weather. A nice image of the Radissonblu, Cardiff, reflected in a pool of fag butts. Day 10 will be on Day 10. Enjoy.

all I want is you
all I want is you

Day 1

Day 1 PictureI took a few today, mainly of my old and somewhat depressing muse, Pyle train station. However, getting off the train on the way home my eye was drawn to this interesting question. For me the question should be rather, a world without packaging and litter. Luckily, this litter was where it should be; in the bin.