Day 13

Really hard today.

Left Porthcawl in warm sunshine and arrived in Cardiff to freezing gloom. The most interesting image was this strange juxtaposition, which I have obviously called execution. It tells a story (of sorts).

So 13 has been unlucky, but I was still out there looking. I was tempted to cheat and use some of the stuff from yesterday which was much better. Hay ho.

the humorous juxtaposition of images.
the humorous juxtaposition of images.

Day 1

Day 1 PictureI took a few today, mainly of my old and somewhat depressing muse, Pyle train station. However, getting off the train on the way home my eye was drawn to this interesting question. For me the question should be rather, a world without packaging and litter. Luckily, this litter was where it should be; in the bin.