Bird’s Eye

Bird's eye view of Cardiff from the 15th floor of Altolusso
Bird’s eye view of Cardiff from the 15th floor of Altolusso

Waiting for the sky to fall…again.

Waiting for the sky to fall

What’s New for 2013?

Just a quick post….

Firstly Jo and I are very excited to announce a special series of training course aimed at 7-12 year olds. This is still in the embryonic stage but expect an update soon. Secondly one of my images has recently hit 15k hits on flickr and has been widely distributed on various Tumbler sites. So I’ve decided to re-work the image and do a series of 20 limited signed Giclée prints, one of which I intend to auction for Barnardos. It is also my intention to offer limited edition fine art prints for sale from the play-light web site later this year.

Well, I said it was quick. Any questions, please feel free to contact me


A little more from the Nikon P7700

No iTTL shots today. I had the best of intention this lunch time to grab one of my co-workers and shoot the merry crud out of them, SB800 and P7700 to hand, but could I get it to work, could I hell. Well, it does help if you read the user manual (which Nikon if you’re watching wasn’t in the box!!) now due to length of health and safety laws is nothing short titanic in magnitude. However I did get this cracking shot (below) and a few others which I wanted to share. The other good news is that Adobe updated their DNG software to include the P7700 RAW file type, so this came from a RAW file rather than a JPEG.

Local infrastructure in the centre of Cardiff

This has had a little work done in Lightroom 3 to bring out the details in the darker areas, but the important point here is that the details are very much in evidence. I could easily have lightened this areas more, but I felt it would look too artificial. I’ll be posting this too my flickr page  and will be finally reporting on the iTTL side of this dynamic little camera within the next week or so. Any questions about the P7700 or photography in general just drop me a line.

Review of Nikon P7700

Brand New and pre ordered from Wex Photographic arrived Saturday 29th August and whoa it’s a doozy!

I’ve bought this as a replacement for my Nikon P7000;  primarily as discrete camera, the images from which I’ll be able to upload onto my Alamy page, but also as a discreet back up for weddings and events. First impressions are great, though I have one or two reservations.

The new lens is superb. F2-F4 with VR (vibration reduction), so on wide angle the lens can pull in a lotta light, which is great for candid shot, and with the new, fast EXPEED 2 image processing system, and high sensitivity shooting up to ISO 6400 the possibilities with such a small camera are extreme.

Resized to less than 1/4 original the clarity from this lens is just superb.

But there’s more .. iTTL-(CLS) Nikon’s Creative Lighting System is another reason I’m so happy with the new camera. The previous cameras in the series lacked this option, but now I can sync it up with my SB800s and strobist away!  And by using the P7700’s electronic shutter I can sync flash upto 1/2000th of s second. Fantastic for making striking flash-lit shots even in daylight.  I’ll be doing some test shot to show this off in my next post.

The downside so far .. the lack of a optical view finder is a bit of a shame, but it’s not the end of the world and something I can live with. I would prefer to be able to shoot without having to have the monitor on when shooting concerts or plays, but maybe (Nikon if you’re listening !!) that’ll be a software option. The biggest bug bear I’ve found so far is the new file format NRWs. I run mac and they don’t translate on Leopard. Photoshop, Lightroom, Media Pro and even Nikons View NX2 wont allow me to edit the RAW files, so I’m stuck to shooting Fine JPEGS. The quality’s still great, but for my library work I’m gonna need the full Monty, so pull your finger out Nikon!

pin sharp and 1/4 original size


Well more to come from my new toy. Any questions just drop me a line

Layla (Shhh, it's a secret …)

Had a call from Kelly and Karl who run The Waterfront. It’s a very vibrant and funky place to eat and drink on the sea front in fair Porthcawl. They were looking for Christmas presents (hey, it’s that time of the year again !) for the grand parents of their beautiful little daughter Layla. This is the sort of shoot I just love. So took the white background, the speed lights and the trusty D200 to their flat and shot away. Firstly, Layla, what a cutie, and such a happy baby and with a tad of coaxing from mum, dad and yours truly  we had some stunning pictures in the bag in probably less than hour. Now I don’t want to spoil any surprises, so here’s one of the result of what was a very enjoyable little shoot.