Day 91


Visited the National Botanic Garden of Wales where they have an old school Apocraphery. Puts Boots to same.  This is one of the exhibits, an old leather folder with bottles of pills in. Very horror by gaslight.The Apocrathers pills

Day 44

Today, doing what I love best. Real photography for a client.

Lind Krelle, a glass and ceramics artist with whom I worked with before, called me with some more work to shoot for her web site and to promote an exhibit she opened at Duffryn House in Cowbridge. I’ve included a shot of my X-rite colorchecker passport, without which shooting glass would be very much more difficult than it already is. Strobist information: SB700 fired visa Nikon CLS bounced of white umbrella. White reflector camera right.

Day 4404-11-2014_1533 Semi-Cactus