Day 106 Oskar gets wet

Back in the summer we visited the Worthing massive. And Splash Point, which just used to be a World War One Sea Mine of the ship sinking variety has been replaced by spurting water and slippery rocks. Basically one in the eye for the health and safety Hitler Youth and a big yell to kids of all ages to get wet in a rambunctious manner.Oskar gets wet in Wothing

Day 60

Nelly grass crazy

Day 38

Day 38 saw me in the “Gregg’s and Poundland” slow death town of Bridgend. If it weren’t for a meeting with the bank manager I wouldn’t have gone in. It so happened that the European Market was there, selling or trying to sell to the shambling masses. I felt so sorry for the Paella¬†stallholder, his look of broken spirit shall haunt me for days to come. Still, I got my shoot for the day.

Bridgend European Market
Bridgend European Market

Layla (Shhh, it's a secret …)

Had a call from Kelly and Karl who run The Waterfront. It’s a very vibrant and funky place to eat and drink on the sea front in fair Porthcawl. They were looking for Christmas presents (hey, it’s that time of the year again !) for the grand parents of their beautiful little daughter Layla. This is the sort of shoot I just love. So took the white background, the speed lights and the trusty D200 to their flat and shot away. Firstly, Layla, what a cutie, and such a happy baby and with a tad of coaxing from mum, dad and yours truly ¬†we had some stunning pictures in the bag in probably less than hour. Now I don’t want to spoil any surprises, so here’s one of the result of what was a very enjoyable little shoot.