Day 90

Back February, captured this couple kissing and cuddling on Porthcawl Pier.

A couple kiss on Porthcawl Pier
A couple kiss on Porthcawl Pier

Day 89

Went to  to visit the S.S.Great Britain a few weeks back (a great day out and thoroughly recommended) in Bristol. While there we went to the dockside and visited the Museum of Bristol, which is also well worth a visit (and that ones free!).  I took this shot looking out through a display of small model ships (the dark shapes in the foreground) and really love the “ages” of ships;steam tug, three rigger and a plastic kayak. As well as that, just how busy the pictures is. I then worked for ages in Photosuite 8.5 get the look of the image just how I wanted (and stupidly forgot to save “the look” as a pre-set!!) but am really pleased with the result. I’m going to get to fine art test prints of this, and when I’m happy I’ll make them available on the web site. I hope you enjoy too.


Bristol through a looking glass

Day 8

Really pleased with this.

I got some other good shots of the rain and very soft light in cardiff. A heavy drizzle had descended all day. As i was walking to get my train, I saw a metal seat, just by the abstract clock at the bottom of the main pedestrian area. The drizzle had formed into these great patterns. I took two quick shots and then bundled my camera back into my trusty Tenba Messenger bag and hurried back home. It was only after messing about in Lightroom and Perfect Photo Suite that I went Whoa! That’s really, really nice. I hope you like too.

Rain on Metal 001