Day 37

This wasn’t supposed to be today’s post. I had a shot in mind. However, after some Lightroom and Perfect Photo Suite 8 fiddling, this became the chosen image.

The lady in the tobacconist was a delight,

and quite happy for me to take picture. I said I’ll give her a print.



Day 34

More fog this morning, but only one shot I like, and it’ll take some work, so later in the day when the fog had lifted I got this one. Another slow news day I’m afraid, but it’s ok. Isn’t it?


Day 9

Sorry for the delay. This was shot on day nine, but i was knackered and unable to post the image. I got some nice images yesterday with some sun (yes-it’s been a rarity in these jet stream jumble days), but the image I chose to manipulate was very much stuck in yesterdays weather. A nice image of the Radissonblu, Cardiff, reflected in a pool of fag butts. Day 10 will be on Day 10. Enjoy.

all I want is you
all I want is you