Day 13. 2020. The Future is Now.

OLYMPUS EM-1 Mk 1+ 26mm Macro extension +12-40 Pro 2.8
OLYMPUS EM-1 Mk 1+ 26mm Macro extension +12-40 Pro 2.8

Day 16

Well if you can’t get out to shoot, you can at least shoot from the window. How annoying though. You wait and wait for fog. It’s so eerie, dramatic and cinema. And when it comes along, you’re an aching, sweaty mass unable to go exploring. Oh well. I kinda like this image, limited as it is, I hope you like it too.

Regard Kx

Outside the fog beckons, and I'm stuck in doors :(
Outside the fog beckons, and I’m stuck in doors 😦

Day 8

Really pleased with this.

I got some other good shots of the rain and very soft light in cardiff. A heavy drizzle had descended all day. As i was walking to get my train, I saw a metal seat, just by the abstract clock at the bottom of the main pedestrian area. The drizzle had formed into these great patterns. I took two quick shots and then bundled my camera back into my trusty Tenba Messenger bag and hurried back home. It was only after messing about in Lightroom and Perfect Photo Suite that I went Whoa! That’s really, really nice. I hope you like too.

Rain on Metal 001