Waiting for the sky to fall…again.

Waiting for the sky to fall

Alzheimers Charity Event @ The Hand and Squirrel

As a favour to  a fellow Gary Numan fan; the very beautiful Kayleigh Smith. I did some shots for her Alzheimers charity night at The Hand and Squirrel, Talbot Green. Sadly I didn’t get a lot of takers but I did get some really nice images of those who chose to partake. It was useful for me to get the dust off the kit and I was especially pleased with the X-rite color passport which gave superb consistent colour through out.

Alhz Event07-26-2014_4268Here (pictured above) the ever lovely Kayleigh posing with the x-rite colorchecker passport.

Alhz Event07-26-2014_4269

These two young ladies made the best use of my time, and where not backwards in coming forward 🙂

On the sunday I spent time creating a nice warm portrait look in Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 and the results are below. I hope you enjoy the results as much as I.


Day 55 Faded Poppies

Hand held D300, with a hotshoe mounted SB400. Worked in Lightroom 4 and Perfect Photo Suite 8.5.

Hope you like, I do.

hand held D300, sith SB400 hotshoe mounted. Worked in Lightroom 4 and Perfect Photosuite 8.5
hand held D300, sith SB400 hotshoe mounted. Worked in Lightroom 4 and Perfect Photosuite 8.5

Day 51

Took Nelly for a walk with number one son and caught this image. Re-worked with Lightroom 4 and Perfect Photo Suite 8.5. Really pleased. Hope you like too. Regards Karl Nelly Charging

Day 45

A cold walk to get some “fresh air” into the boys. The promised “Heat Wave” did not appear, and a strong, cold gale blew and chilled the fingers. Some test shots with the SB700 off camera, triggered by the SC-28 cable, hot shoed to the D300. They’re great models these two. I’d pay them, but it’d just go to their heads, lol.


Jasper with cheeky smile Oskar showing off

Day 44

Today, doing what I love best. Real photography for a client.

Lind Krelle, a glass and ceramics artist with whom I worked with before, called me with some more work to shoot for her web site and to promote an exhibit she opened at Duffryn House in Cowbridge. I’ve included a shot of my X-rite colorchecker passport, without which shooting glass would be very much more difficult than it already is. Strobist information: SB700 fired visa Nikon CLS bounced of white umbrella. White reflector camera right.

Day 4404-11-2014_1533 Semi-Cactus