Day 47 still on hold.

Here are some pictures of Jenny and Dave, Hannah and Beth. Oskar and Jasper. ┬áThese are just pictures. They are not part of the project. I’m not ready to start the project. I’m back in work next Thursday, so, with luck, the Project will start again. These were willing or unwilling subjects close at hand. I like them, but they don’t fit the vague 1 a day rules. Enjoy.untitled-293 untitled-297 untitled-298 untitled-299

Day 45

A cold walk to get some “fresh air” into the boys. The promised “Heat Wave” did not appear, and a strong, cold gale blew and chilled the fingers. Some test shots with the SB700 off camera, triggered by the SC-28 cable, hot shoed to the D300. They’re great models these two. I’d pay them, but it’d just go to their heads, lol.


Jasper with cheeky smile Oskar showing off