Day 46

Bright sunshine, freezing wind. Not quite the start to the summer we were hoping for. Still, didn’t dampen the boys ardour for ice cream.


Sunny but freezing wind. The boys still want an ice cream
Sunny but freezing wind. The boys still want an ice cream


Day 45

A cold walk to get some “fresh air” into the boys. The promised “Heat Wave” did not appear, and a strong, cold gale blew and chilled the fingers. Some test shots with the SB700 off camera, triggered by the SC-28 cable, hot shoed to the D300. They’re great models these two. I’d pay them, but it’d just go to their heads, lol.


Jasper with cheeky smile Oskar showing off

Day 44

Today, doing what I love best. Real photography for a client.

Lind Krelle, a glass and ceramics artist with whom I worked with before, called me with some more work to shoot for her web site and to promote an exhibit she opened at Duffryn House in Cowbridge. I’ve included a shot of my X-rite colorchecker passport, without which shooting glass would be very much more difficult than it already is. Strobist information: SB700 fired visa Nikon CLS bounced of white umbrella. White reflector camera right.

Day 4404-11-2014_1533 Semi-Cactus


New Bag on it’s Way

Really looking forward to this. I’ve been looking for a day pack for ages, something that’d protect my Mac Book and Camera equipment, but something that I can store my nik nacks and lunch. An office on the move. I did have the messenger version which was great but I had too much equipment back then, now I’m leaner.

Hopefully the endless search for a perfect camera bag will come to a conclusion. And Boris, I hope you’re gonna comment on this post, lol.


September 2013

New Product shoot for Designs by Linda Krelle

Having just come off a product photography shoot for Charm Caster Creations I was approached by Linda from Designs by Linda Krelle who was looking to get professional looking images to populate her  web site. Currently the images on Linda’s site (and Linda is the first to admit this) don’t show her products in the best light – pardon the pun.

We met up first to discuss the project and Linda brought along a collection of her products for me to view. Before we’d met I had hoped we might be going down an in-situ shoot as I’m desperate to do a more magazine type shoot with a couple of models I feel would be great for this type of work; but it was not to be. Linda was charming and obviously very passionate about her work and promoting the web site. It became clear immediately that what Linda needed was clear, quality images which really showed off to the viewer the individuality of each piece and the depth of the products.

As many of Lindas products are glass, I suggested we steer clear of a white background and go for coloured and as many of Linda’s designs are Christmas related I suggest green or red. This works well on two levels; it’s punchy on the page, yet still draws the viewers eye to the product and secondly, it separates Lindas products from other designers and gives them a unique look.

One of Linda’s silver and shell peices.

As many of you are aware, for most things I’m a stobist. Which essentially means I light with my Nikon SB800 speed-lights rather than with monoblocs or lamp head powered by a battery or power pack. The main reason for this is connivence and speed. My speed-lights and camera equipment all fit neatly into my Peli soft-case. I have another small bag for my grip equipment and that’s it. It’s not that I’m opposed to shooting with bigger equipment  but only if there’s a requirement  With jewellery everything is very close up and personal and you don’t need masses of power. I also don’t have a studio anymore, so I shoot on location – in this case Linda’s basement, so a lot of time there isn’t a lot of room as in this case.

The set up I used was an SB800 (camera right) fitted with h a Lumiquest Ultra bounce firing through a diffusion umbrella. This gave a soft curling light which a nice shadow object right, and and SB800 also with an Ultra bounce on, this time firing to the ceiling. Linda was hand to make sure the product faced the right way and check the shots and by the end of the evening we had  great images which took another 3-4 hours post production and editing  to get sorted.

Linda will be uploading to her web site when she gets back from France but here’s another image for your purusal.

Nikon P7700 Creative Lighting System hands on review

Firstly I should state that I’m a massive fan of the Nikon CLS system and love off camera flash (wireless and infra red) in general. This was on of the main reasons for upgrading to the Nikon P7700 from the Nikon P7000. So does it work, and does it work well?

Jasper on Porthcawl Beach
Shot with the P7700 in commander mode and SB800 handheld in remote mode. Apart from re-sizing for this web page, there has been no post production work done on this image.

I’d have to yes, though there are limitations. Unlike say the D200, SB800 or an SU800 your limited to one Channel and one Group (Channel 3, Group A) which means you cannot specifically alter the flash out put from separate speed-lights. You can still use more than one speed-light of course but unless you set it up manually in SU4 mode, your only going to be able to set the out put the same as all the other units in the group. This is only really going to bother you if you shoot a lot of multi flash studio or portrait work and if you are I would suggest you’ve probably already got the kit to do. The Nikon P7700 allows you that little bit of freedom, more a kin to a single light set up on the move, more likely to be like my example on this page; quick and improvised fun shots. The only other issue would be if you were shooting and bumped into some one else with the same set up because you’d keep triggering each others flash units, though how likely that is I’m not sure.

One of the issues with CLS is  because the underlying technology is infra red it can have issue in bright sunlight.  This may be the case if you’re trying to trigger from range, but using the SB800 hand held I encountered no issues on this particular shoot (apart from my thumb getting in the way), which was done in very glaring sunlight.

In conclusion  I’d like to say that the images on this page say it all. Apart from converting to DNG from NRW and then re-sized in photoshop cs5 for this web page, they haven’t been processed at all. No levels, no curves, no nothing. They’re clear, they’re sharp, the exposure is perfect, all from this pocket sized little wonder. If you have any questions about the P7700 or photography in general, please feel free to contact me and I’ll try and answer your queries.

Oskar on Porthcawl beach
Shot with the P7700 in commander mode and SB800 handheld in remote mode. Apart from re-sizing for this web page, there has been no post production work done on this image.