Day 51

Took Nelly for a walk with number one son and caught this image. Re-worked with Lightroom 4 and Perfect Photo Suite 8.5. Really pleased. Hope you like too. Regards Karl Nelly Charging

Day 8

Really pleased with this.

I got some other good shots of the rain and very soft light in cardiff. A heavy drizzle had descended all day. As i was walking to get my train, I saw a metal seat, just by the abstract clock at the bottom of the main pedestrian area. The drizzle had formed into these great patterns. I took two quick shots and then bundled my camera back into my trusty Tenba Messenger bag¬†and hurried back home. It was only after messing about in Lightroom and Perfect Photo Suite that I went Whoa! That’s really, really nice. I hope you like too.

Rain on Metal 001

New Bag on it’s Way

Really looking forward to this. I’ve been looking for a day pack for ages, something that’d protect my Mac Book and Camera equipment, but something that I can store my nik nacks and lunch. An office on the move. I did have the messenger version which was great but I had too much equipment back then, now I’m leaner.

Hopefully the endless search for a perfect camera bag will come to a conclusion. And Boris, I hope you’re gonna comment on this post, lol.


September 2013