Day 99

lol, I really don’t know why I keep the day thing going. It’s kind of come to spluttering halt. I’ve been lucky enough recently to have some nice projects that I’ve been able to concentrate on and throw my creative energies into (when I can muster them!). One of which is a new blog, purely dedicated to my wedding photography. Please check it out and follow it here

I keep saying I won’t do event photography ever again, and then some one asks and I do. Again, it was charity. And at least the subjects had the virtue of being quite unique. I also had fun coming up with some interesting “look” with the aid of Perfect Photo Suite 8.5. Here are some examples, I hope you like them


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Alzheimers Charity Event @ The Hand and Squirrel

As a favour to  a fellow Gary Numan fan; the very beautiful Kayleigh Smith. I did some shots for her Alzheimers charity night at The Hand and Squirrel, Talbot Green. Sadly I didn’t get a lot of takers but I did get some really nice images of those who chose to partake. It was useful for me to get the dust off the kit and I was especially pleased with the X-rite color passport which gave superb consistent colour through out.

Alhz Event07-26-2014_4268Here (pictured above) the ever lovely Kayleigh posing with the x-rite colorchecker passport.

Alhz Event07-26-2014_4269

These two young ladies made the best use of my time, and where not backwards in coming forward 🙂

On the sunday I spent time creating a nice warm portrait look in Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 and the results are below. I hope you enjoy the results as much as I.


St Patrick’s Day Charity Event

Wow – what a great evening Friday was. My involvement came through the very tall Christina Reape. I suggested that having a photographer at the event would be an additional channel for raising fund for Velindra Cancer Charity. The support given by the hospital to her father who sadly passed away inspired Tina and her family to start these events. This being the second I believe. My father also succumbed to that dreadful disease too so apart from raising awareness awareness of Play-Light, there was an added personal incentive.

I’ve chosen this picture to highlight what I call “Specials”. This is a larger print size which has been worked in various software packages to give a truly stand-out quality. And remember kids – half of all sales go to supporting the charities.
Karl Robertson 17/3/2013

Laughing Irish man. Cancer Charity event at the Heronstone Hotel, Bridgend. March 2013
Laughing Irish man. Cancer Charity event at the Heronstone Hotel, Bridgend. March 2013