The Final Product

So we come to the end of Linda Krelle’s product shoot. Hopefully not the last time she chooses Play-Light.

Having shot the first batch, and to be honest, being very happy with the results, we moved onto the final batch. One of the issues with the glass work was picking out the very subtle colours – particularly lemon. Shooting the glass against the green  background didn’t work as well as the shells and silver work. The opaque objects worked really well, the glass not quite so. My gut feeling with the was that we were lighting the the glass as an object, rather than allowing the light to travel through the translucent material. My thoughts wondered to shooting through frosted plexi-glass (which we did uses, though as a defuser of light) and then to shooting on a reflective background, so I ordered a couple of sheets of black plexiglass to go along with the sheet of frosted I ordered. This worked out very well, but was not without it’s problems.


The set up was as follows: For colour control I used X-rite colour checker passport. A D300+Nikkor 85mm f3.5 macro on my SLIK tripod. 1 SB800 in SU-4 mode, side mounted  to camera left using my Manfrotto flash bracket, fired through a LumiQuest SoftBox LTp, positioned above and just to the left of the products. The second SB800 was clamped to the table on a cheap ebay knock off of a Julian Clamp and triggered from the camera using the Phottix Odin mounted on the D300, and fired through that sheet of frosted plexiglass held up by a coiled wire clamp and Manfrotto super clamp. All in all – a lot of clamps.

The main shooting issue was the shallow depth of field, but the biggest headache by far was removing the specs of dust which attached themselves to the plexi-glass and took up a great deal of post production time to clean up. All in all a very enjoyable shoot with great results, and I’m glad to say another very satisfied customer.

Great result

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