Why a separate blog I hear you ask?

Recent product photography of jewellery
Recent product photography of jewellery

Good question. The main reason is that the blog on www.play-light.co.uk people can’t subscribe too which has annoyed some of my growing band of loyal followers. Also, the play-light site is my official company site and I feel the content on that site should purely relate to the commercial and retail work that I do. This blog gives me a little more leeway to cover slightly off topic subjects that I feel passionate about and hopefully will make it easier for my clients and anyone interested to engage with me without necessarily feeling that they’re engaging with a company that at the end of the day is trying to make money like any other business.

So this won’t mean the end of the play-light blog, but the information on that site will relate more too the business.

Anyway, I look forward to blogging on a more regular basis about a more varied (but generally photographic) subjects and to answer any questions which you care to put forward to me.



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