A little more from the Nikon P7700

No iTTL shots today. I had the best of intention this lunch time to grab one of my co-workers and shoot the merry crud out of them, SB800 and P7700 to hand, but could I get it to work, could I hell. Well, it does help if you read the user manual (which Nikon if you’re watching wasn’t in the box!!) now due to length of health and safety laws is nothing short titanic in magnitude. However I did get this cracking shot (below) and a few others which I wanted to share. The other good news is that Adobe updated their DNG software to include the P7700 RAW file type, so this came from a RAW file rather than a JPEG.

Local infrastructure in the centre of Cardiff

This has had a little work done in Lightroom 3 to bring out the details in the darker areas, but the important point here is that the details are very much in evidence. I could easily have lightened this areas more, but I felt it would look too artificial. I’ll be posting this too my flickr page  and will be finally reporting on the iTTL side of this dynamic little camera within the next week or so. Any questions about the P7700 or photography in general just drop me a line.

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